The Last Summer

Little Bay Islands consists of Little Bay Island, Macks Island, Goat Island, Harbour Island, and Boatswain Tickle Island. It is known historically for its salt fish trade and its fine natural harbour.  Settled in the early 1800's and once home to over 800 people, its population is now less than 100 and half that through the winter months. It is a remote location, many miles from the nearest market town.  It is accessible only by boat.  It is one of the most beautiful places in Newfoundland and Labrador.  

Over the past decades, boating people have discovered Little Bay Islands and then returned year after year. Others have relatives in the graveyard and the old family homes are now summer houses. But soon it will be goodbye to all that.  There are no children, there is no store at all.  No clinic or nurse practitioner. The average age of the inhabitants is senior.  Even without government help to resettle the few remaining residents, they will all go because they must. The town is dying, faster and faster with every passing year.  Maybe this summer will be the last.