From the Governor General Award Winning Novel by Kevin Major, the story of Michael, a young man whose world is turned upside down when his parents are killed in a car crash.  

SYNOPSIS: When Michael (Avery Ash) loses his parents, he is separated from his little brother and sent to the city to live with his Aunt (Molly Parker) and Uncle (Aiden Flynn). In trouble at school and in constant conflict with his hard-nosed Uncle Ted, Michael feels uprooted and unwanted. And he doesn't hit it off with timid cousin Curtis.  

Michael has a hot temper and the school bully (Tim Myles) picks on him at every turn. One day Michael goes ballistic and knocks the kid out cold. There's a terrible fight at home and Michael vows to run away. Curtis begs to join him and together they set off across the island, 'borrowing' a car before disappearing inside a deserted national park, setting out on an adventure of freedom and belonging, determined to prove they can make it on their own. 

"A POWERFUL performance by Avery Ash!"  "captures the THRILL of discovery and exploration"  NATIONAL POST 3 out of 4 Stars

"Charming, smartly scripted, often POIGNANT." "Hold Fast PULLS US IN effortlessly".  TORONTO STAR 3.5 out of 4 Stars 

"A COMPELLING adventure!" Genuine performances bring depth, HONESTY and warmth". A MOVING coming-of-age story." Halifax CHRONICLE HERALD

A Rock Island Productions and Markham Street Films Production.  Directed by Justin Simms.  Written by Rosemary House.  Starring Avery Ash, Douglas Sullivan, Molly Parker, Andy Jones, Aiden Flynn and Des Walsh.  Distributed by E-ONE ENTERTAINMENT.  Theatrical release April 2014.  Audience Award at Seoul international Youth Film Festival. Available for purchase on iTunes in Canada and the US.  Also screening in Middle East, Netherlands and Poland.  Distributed by E-One International.