It was 1974.  Newfoundland had only been part of Canada for 25 years. 

                              The hated “newfie’ joke was at its peak; an unfortunate national funmaking exercise at the expense of the supposed stupidity, vapidity and gullibility of the Newfoundlander.   Yawn. 

                              Then four boys from a St. John's school, the Jesuit-run Gonzaga High, make it to the finals of the national championship; a Reach for the Top to become the smartest kids in the country.  The underdogs have a chance to become top dogs in spite of bowties and prince valiant haircuts.  The team consists of three Irish boys and a lad from Indonesia, son of a doctor at the university.  An anomaly in these pale and homogenous times.  All of them are 16 years of age.  They are a winning combination.                                   

                              The show’s producer has to deal with an emotional host, a contentious jury,  and the children’s parents, OF COURSE. And a population fixated by the contest and its cultural vindication.   

GAME ON.    

Adapted from the oral history by Joan Sullivan.  A dramatic feature film.