It was 1974.  Newfoundland had only been part of Canada for 25 years and the hated “newfie’ joke was at its peak; we were the butt. Bitter times.

Then four boys from a Jesuit run high school in St. John’s made it to the finals of a national academic championship; a Reach for the Top team vying to become the smartest kids in the country.   The team consists of three Irish boys, one sporty, the second an outsider, the third a romantic, and the fourth a cosmopolitan lad from Indonesia, son of a doctor at the university.  And at the last moment the game’s venue is changed from Alberta to Newfoundland.                            

The boys’ coach, a female teacher at a Jesuit high school, has more than one iron in this fire. The Jesuits are completely on her nerves. But she prepares with the focus of a Jedi. The ambitious TV producer is trying and failing to control a game-show crazed island population fixated by the contest and its longed-for cultural vindication.   Game on.  

Adapted from the oral history by Joan Sullivan.  A feature film drama.