Marguerite and Florence are sisters-in-law with careers in crisis when their beloved young niece Pandora is dumped. The Aunts have raised Pandora since she was a child when her mother, Justine, froze to death on Everest.  And then the father just didn’t work out.  A lot to deal with.  Marg and Florence are understandably protective.  

And now, after a mad-cap year abroad, Pandora had become engaged to Sven Ryan, PhD candidate and expert in antiquities.  Sven had somehow wrangled a job in Toronto and they were to be married. The family was to meet him at last.  But back in St. John's to pack up her stuff, Pandora receives a text from Sven. It might come as ‘bad news’ but ‘sadly big mistake’.  And then, the next day, the bastard empties Pandora’s scholarship fund. $10,000!  What! Where is the justice??? 

Auntie Vigilantes has a big heart, a bold look and great dames.  When Marguerite and Flo take their revenge on loathsome Sven they didn’t expect it to involve international art theft, a parrot named Luigi, a shoot-out in a hotel lobby and a grade A heel who just might get away with it.  Stay tuned.