Hold Fast is the story of Michael (Avery Ash) a smart and stubborn 14-year old whose world is turned upside down when his parents die in a car crash.

He's separated from his little brother and sent to the city to live with his Aunt (Molly Parker) and Uncle (Aiden Flynn). In trouble at school and in constant conflict with his hard-nosed Uncle Ted, Michael feels uprooted and unwanted. And he doesn't hit it off with his timid cousin Curtis.  

Aunt Ellen and new friend Brenda (Taylor Vincent) help to make him feel better and he tries to fit in. But Michael has a hot temper and the school bully (Tim Myles) picks on him at every turn.

One day Michael goes ballistic and knocks the kid out cold. There's a terrible fight at home and Michael vows to run away. Curtis begs to join him and together they set off on a quest for freedom and belonging, determined to prove they can make it on their own.

They hitchhike across the island, ‘borrowing’ a car at a local airport before disappearing inside a deserted national park on a journey of adventure and belonging. 

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Cinematography by Catherine Lutes, Edited by Christopher Darlington, Music by Mark Bragg, Production design by Shelley Cornick, Sound Design by Daniel Pellerin.