Marguerite and Florence are devastated when their beloved young niece Pandora is jilted at the altar. Heartbreak! So cruel!  

The Aunts, sisters-in-law and best of friends, had raised Pandora after the poor child’s mother died on Everest. What a time!  And then the father just didn’t work out.  The Aunts are understandably protective. 

Pandora’s fiancé, one Sven Fairchild, had been studying Egyptology overseas and the family had yet to be introduced. But now after two mad-cap years abroad at a perhaps too tender age, Pandora was engaged, Sven had a job in Miami and the wedding was a go.  

But back in St. John’s a text comes in from Sven during Pandora’s wedding shower. It might come as ‘bad news’ but ‘sadly big mistake’. Should he send on her ‘stuff’?  And then, unbelievably, the bastard empties Pandora’s savings account. $10,000!  What! Where is the justice??? 

Convinced that something must be done, Marguerite and Florence pace the living room floor, thinking deeply while Pandora finds ancient treasure in her Miami suitcase, and a young private eye named Peter on her tail.  

In no time flat Pandora and her PI join forces and book themselves into the Miami Hilton to catch a thief. 

They could hardly have expected to find Aunt Marguerite and Aunt Flo poolside, on surveillance duty.  For just now a shifty young chancer and his new (heiress) girlfriend have materialized from behind the palms. And so it begins. The end of Sven.