Marguerite and Frances are sisters in law with careers in crisis when their beloved young niece Pandora is cruelly dumped by her fiancé.

The Aunts have raised Pandora since she was a child.  Justine, Pandora's mother, froze to death on Everest.  And then the father just didn’t work out.  A lot to deal with.  Marg and Frannie are understandably protective.  

After a mad-cap year abroad, Pandora had suddenly become engaged to Sven Fairchild, PhD candidate and expert in antiquities.  Sven had wrangled a job in Toronto The whole family was booked to travel enmasse to meet him at last.  

But back in St. John's to pack up her stuff, Pandora receives a text from Sven during her wedding shower. It might come as ‘bad news’ but ‘sadly big mistake’. Should he send on her ‘stuff’?  And then, the next day, the bastard empties Pandora’s savings account. $10,000!  What! Where is the justice??? 

Auntie Vigilantes has a big heart, a bold look and great dames. It’s a feature comedy about women that is written, directed and produced by women.  It’s aiming squarely for the Bridesmaids audience.  That is, women of all ages, and also their husbands and boyfriends. 

When Marguerite and Flo take their revenge on loathsome Sven they didn’t expect it to involve international art theft, a parrot named Luigi,  a shoot-out in a hotel lobby and a grade A heel who just might get away with it.